Thank you for your interest in our iOS app, Glaze.

Email to contact Gilles Dezeustre and Dan Wexler, founders of The 11ers and developers of Glaze.

Glaze's Intelligent Brush Stroke technology was presented in the SIGGRAPH 2012 Image Playground talk session on August 9th, 2012.


Glaze is an iOS app for iPad and iPhone that turns your photos into high quality, painterly works of art. A stroke-based non-photorealistic rendering algorithm is used to paint the image with carefully chosen brush strokes. You can either use a provided "tried and true" style, get a random, always different new style or combine different styles.

A wide variety of painted styles can be achieved, including thick, acrylic paint, or Gouache, with thin or thick, sparse or dense strokes. Rather than presenting a set of sliders and knobs, you select images you like and the algorithm combines their attributes to create new looks without requiring any understanding of the algorithm or artistic technique. The resulting images can be printed at high-resolution (2048 max), or shared with friends.


40-second Glaze HD trailer, showing the basic Studio mode:

2m 30s Glaze extended HD trailer, showing Studio mode and a bit of the advanced Workshop mode where you can create your own unique styles by blending the Studio styles and randomly generated styles:

5 minute Glaze demo from 2012 SF AppsShow: